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TC Lottery is India’s well-known color prediction website. The best browsers to register on TC Lottery are Google Chrome and Firefox.

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Register at TC Lottery, share it with your friends and family, and earn extra income. We provide a lots of games to earn more money.

What is TC Lottery Game?

  • Colour prediction game, where you can choose colour and you can make passive income by playing this game.
  • TC Lottery game is India’s one of the top 10 well-known colour prediction games, and if you are talking about the games then you can see aviator, cricket, fishing, Trx hash, Wingo, casino and many more games.
  • TC Lottery was launched on the date of 2nd July 2021 and it is based in India.TC Game is the most trusted colour prediction game because TC Game users are based all over India and is the most popular game. This is a user-friendly game, if you heard about the colour prediction game in India then TC Game is the best trustworthy website to start your first trading here.
  • TC Game is a very important way, if you are searching for extra income by sitting at home, in the TC Lottery game everyone can play and earn money if you are a businessman, housewife, student, or job professional everyone can play and earn money easily, this is the best think of this game which make TC Game at the top of all colour prediction game.
  • If you are new in the colour prediction game then you can know more about it by clicking on our TC Game blog, and most important think which you need to remember don’t use more the one ID in Lottery app from same mobile or internet connection, and don’t play opposite betting in TC Game App , this is one of the strict rules not to do this. if you will be do this by chance then your id can be banned so use it safely by following guidelines and enjoy the game.

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Games Offered by TC Lottery:
India’s most trusted website where you can play color games like Wingo, trx hash, 5d, and many more. You can also enjoy games like Aviator, Soccer, Slots, and Fishing.
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In Wingo, you can choose from 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute, and 10-minute gameplay. You need to place your amount on either ‘big’ or ‘small’ or on ‘red’ or ‘green’. Wait for the timer to end to see the results.

Winning Secret Tricks:
Three by Three Track (3/3)

The three by three track is a strategy in Wingo where you follow a pattern of 3 ‘big’ and 3 ‘small’. This means if you see three consecutive ‘big’ results, they will be followed by three consecutive ‘small’ results.

Dragon Track:

In the dragon track, you observe a repeating pattern of the same color or result for more than 8 times. For example, if ‘big’ appears continuously, it will repeat more than 8 times. The same applies to ‘small’ and other colors.

One by One Track (1/1)

In the one by one track, results alternate between ‘big’ and ‘small’. After a ‘small’ result, the next one will be ‘big’ and vice versa.

Two by Two Track (2/2)

In the two by two track, you will see 2 consecutive ‘big’ results followed by 2 consecutive ‘small’ results. This pattern repeats itself.

Two by Two track

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